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TitanRope – Ergonomisches Trizepsseil

TitanRope – Ergonomisches Trizepsseil

💪 Muscle-Activating Grip Technology

🔄 Extra-Long 36" Rope Length

🌟 Premium Durability, No Compromise

🏋️ Limitless Exercise Options

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Normaler Preis $64.95 Verkaufspreis $100.00
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TitanRope – Ergonomisches Trizepsseil

Normaler Preis $64.95
Normaler Preis $64.95 Verkaufspreis $100.00
SAVE 35% Ausverkauft

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Your Ticket to Tricep Triumph!

Introducing TitanRope– the triceps rope pulldown that works as hard as you do! Activate 30% more muscles with its ergonomic grip, ensuring a slip-free workout that lets you focus on sculpting your triceps, arms, abs, back, and glutes.

Why TitanRope is Better?


Anti-Slip Grip

Full Palm Support

Amplified Muscle Activation

Extended 36" Rope

Durable Nylon Strength

Maximize Gains with TitanRope!

The ultimate triceps rope cable! Its extra-long 36" length enhances your range of motion, perfect for tricep push downs, behind head pulls, overhead extensions, and face pulls. The premium materials, including enhanced black nylon braided rope and a versatile plastic-coated hanging buckle, guarantee strength and durability.


Is TitanRope compatible with my cable pulley machine?

Absolutely! TitanRope is designed for universal compatibility, fitting seamlessly into various cable pulley systems.

Can I use TitanRope for exercises other than tricep workouts?

Yes, TitanRope is incredibly versatile, perfect for a wide range of exercises, including lat pulldowns and cable crossovers.

Is the grip on TitanRope truly no-slip, even during intense workouts?

Absolutely! TitanRope's ergonomic design minimizes strain and ensures a secure hold, even in the sweatiest conditions.

How can I clean and maintain my TitanRope?

Simply wipe it down with a damp cloth after use, and store it in a cool, dry place to maintain its durability.